The UERE project is a school, Located in the slums of  Mare in Rio De Janeiro

430 Children from the Maré slum presenting  cognition and learning problems attend the UÊRE school care.


Jonathas, age 14 Jonathas was 6 years old when his father had a heated argument with his mother and began to beat her and threaten her with a knife, in front of Jonathas and his three siblings. Concerned neighbours called the ruling local drug lord, who first cut off the father's hands and later killed him. Jonathas stopped growing, developed problems with his vision, dyslexia, headaches, stomach-aches, constant fear and nightmares. After 8 years of Ueth-Mello teaching, Jonathas has changed: his body resumed the growing process and he has overcome his writing problems, although he still suffers from headaches and stomach problems.

While Jonathas still remembers his father's tragic ending and fears for the future of his family, his performance in school is very good and he has demonstrated that he possesses a keen analytical mind. 




UERÊ Project created a scholarship program that allows its students to attend private schools and being in contact with other social classes, providing interaction of students from different realities. The scholarship covers the nine years of basic education and, depending on the academic performance of student the scholarship may be extended to high school and even through college.
Children and youth participating in this program attend Nossa Senhora de Bonsucesso School, where UERÊ children usually have the best performance in their class.
The program works as a sponsorship. 



Each sponsor commits to sponsor one or more students for at least two years and the cost of sponsorship includes school fees, uniform, teaching materials, transportation and snack.
In addition, from 2015, the UERÊ Project has partnered with the UNISUAM University, which will provide 20 vacancies to the best students of UERÊ.
SCHOOLS: Escola Nossa Senhora de Bonsucesso and UNISUAM.