The Farm

Ethyopia Highlands offer a more appropriated climate to rose floriculture than any other country in Africa & amp ; Asia allowing a quality production of roses nearly similar to the one of Ecuador.

The geographical proximity of European &amp ;Middle East market implies than fret, which is one of the most important component of rose cost of goods,is inferior outward bound Ethyopia to Europe than fromany other country of Africa,of Asia,or of South America.

Here,costs of goods perrose are low:Uganda&Ethyopia have a slight advantage in costs compared to Kenya,Tanzania,Zambia & amp;Zimbabwe.
But the profit of all these advantages could operate only if African Bloom Management™ produces unrivalled & amp;constant quality roses.

Established in 2005, is ideally located in the Highlands of central Ethyopia at 2300 meters above sea level.

Is located at the exit of Sebata Village on Jimma Road in Oromian State.


Award Winning

we have been awarded in 2013 the second best Grower in all Ethiopia by the International Comittee.

Continuous Chain

We cut the Roses in the morning and they arrive in Europe the following day. Our Roses are unrivalled Fresh!

Social Responsibilities

The Farm employs more than 250 Women locally, garanteeing their family financial independency

Green Houses

We grow roses on 10 hectares with totally automated and climate controlled Green Houses


Established since 2005 in the Highlands of Ethipia, at 2.300 meters height, our unrivall production climate is like no other


After being calibrated, our Roses are bundled and stored in cold rooms if necessary. Our Roses last more than 12 days on a vase